Full Project Management:
Enjoy delivering a successful event with our expert planning and project management. We provide all the behind the scenes planning and supports, ranging from online registration tools to contingency arrangement to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

On-Site Management:
Our event management services begin at the initial office set-up and don’t end until the exhibit hall is torn down. Our staff is there to make your life easier by making the onsite event experience smooth and stress free for you. We do this by proactively confirming all prior arrangements, anticipating potential problems, checking each event in advance, and staying in constant communication with facility and service staffs. Our trained professionals will make your entire event more manageable, more cost effective and more memorable.

Budget Planning & Control:
Setting the budget for an event is one of the most important aspects of event planning. And if not properly managed, it could be easy to go over- or under-budget for an event, especially when the event is a new experience for your company. Fortunately, that’s what the budget creation and management experts at Arra Event Management are here for. We can help you sit down and look at your plans and goals for your meeting or event and help you to form an appropriate budget. We can also take the budget you have in mind and help you match the financial realities with the goals you have for your event – or both.

At Arra Event we Work directly with our client to develop a timeline plan for their Event. A calendar is a meeting planner’s best friend. Let us guide you through the process of defining a timeline that is unique to your project and help you stay on track till the very end. We provide weekly updates to client regarding planning progress and keep project on track for success.

Post- Event Evaluation:
By conducting post-evaluation the event we can get significant insights for your event and this can lead to the organization of a far more improved future event. When the audience is given the opportunity to share their opinion on what was good and what was bad about an event the outcome can be very beneficial for your company. The results of a post-evaluation can be used in many ways and this can benefit the event enormously.

Artwork Development & Production:
Once we have established the Creative Concept and Theme we start on the nitty-gritty details of event production. Our in-house team creates every component of the program. We craft a detailed, step-by-step project plan including: outfitting the venue (stage, square etc.), auditioning and hiring performers, designing the costumes and props, choosing music and sound, and bringing everything together with our artwork development and production team.