Transportation Management:
Our luxury transportation allows you access to all types of vehicles, ranging from Luxury Sedans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Luxury Sports Cars, Corporate Vans, Executive Vans, and Luxury Coaches.

Private Jet service:
At Arra Event we believe, what works for one client isn’t necessarily right for you, and nor should it be. Our Private Jet Services offers a unique consultancy approach, using over a decade of experience to handcraft individualized solutions for every client. It is a method that consistently delivers choice and value for a wide range of global clients.

Having an entertainer at your corporate events can boost clientele and company relationships. It also breaks the barriers between employee and employer. The entertainer breaks the ice during the lull moments, when the participants are getting bored and sleepy. Let Arra Event give you and your employees an unforgettable experience.

Creating a stellar program for your event can be a challenge for anyone. Don’t let the details of securing your speakers be part of it. Put your confidence in Arra Event Management years of experience handling speakers from first-time presenters to big name VIPs and we’ll sweat the small stuff for you.

At Arra Event Management we understand that each client is unique, requiring customized security needs. We provide experts in each type of security service area. Our staff are available for full time, part-time, or emergency need coverage, ready to "Safeguard Security".

First aid & paramedics:
We provide the full range of medical personnel – including event health officers, paramedics, nurses and doctors. In our experience.