Venue Selection & Management :
Choosing the right venue for your event is one of the most important decisions you will make. Let us help. We have a variety of venues to choose from both on and off campus. We will ensure you have the perfect setting to create learning and networking opportunities for your attendees

Floor planning :
Whether your special event takes place at a private residence or a public facility, A Rental Connection can create a venue’s layout with a Floor Plan Design. We provide diagrams drawn to scale, accurately outlining your event’s space. Diagrams include the placement of tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting, and all other features of your event.

Design & Décor :
The process starts and ends with our team of producers who work with you directly to help craft your vision for the event and turn it into reality.
Arra Event Design elevates each event into a visually extraordinary experience. What audience members see and feel when they enter a venue stays with them forever. Arra Event always insures that the first impression is a powerful and unique one. We develop engaging concepts starting with the invitation and running through every design element of the event.

We have tent solutions for all size events, from small gatherings of 10 to large events with thousands of people in attendance. We want you relax knowing that Arra Event is your partner in making sure that your event is a huge success.

On-Site Staffing:
Arra Events offers full-service staffing solutions in a wide variety of meeting & events, including registration, information/hospitality desks and on site staff service personnel.

Catering Consolation:
Food is absolutely one of the most important elements of organizing an event. At Arra Event , we work with the most exciting and innovative chefs and the leading catering companies, matching their delicious menus to enhance your event. We also ensure that your dietary and kashrut requirements are taken care of be it vegetarian, organic, glatt kosher or gluten free.